Sunday March 17

Hughes Supervalue | Claregalway

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The Nenagh Players

The Nenagh Players group was founded in 1943 and has been very active every year since. They won the All Ireland Confined Finals in 1998 with “Flight to Grosse Ile“ by Jim Minogue and again in 2000 with “April Bright “ by Dermot Bolger. They moved into the Open section in 2002 and have won many individual awards since then. They have qualified for the Athlone finals on seven occasions.

What Happened Bridgie Cleary by Tom MacIntyre

In 1895, husband Mikey Cleary burned his wife Bridgie Cleary to death in their home in County Tipperary. He was jailed for manslaughter along with nine others who were variously convicted for their part in this heinous and sinister crime including her father and six of her cousins. 

He claimed his wife was abducted by fairies and replaced with a changeling. The unusual and shocking case was reported worldwide and inspired the local rhyme – ‘Are you a witch or are you a fairy, or are you the wife of Mikey Cleary?’ Set in an anteroom to Heaven, this play reunites Bridgie with her husband and one-time family friend and lover William Simpson. These men are left haunted by their love for Bridgie and their role in her terrible death. This dramatic fantasia delves into the dark alliance of superstition, fear and the afterlife. A potent meditation on love, desire and magic.

The Mill on the Floss is a work of startling sadness. It is one of the most affecting stories of family loss, tragedy and the sheer meanness of fate.

Maggie Tulliver is the daughter of a miller in the English midlands. Like many nineteenth century literary girls, her intelligence and emotional capacity outflank those of her family, and this causes problems. She is devoted to her brother Tom, but he is hopelessly limited in his understanding. Maggie turns to Philip Wakem, who is the son of a local lawyer. Disaster strikes their relationship as Mr Tulliver and Wakem find themselves enemies over a legal dispute that leaves Tulliver bankrupt.

In the rising floodwaters you see very mixed emotions of a woman trapped and doomed by the expectations of a society suspicious of an intelligent woman who thinks and feels too much for her own good at that time…….

Cast & Crew

Bridgie Cleary Kirsty Ryan
Mikey Cleary Kevin Walshe
William Simpson Mike McMahon
Director Donal Bray
Stage Manager Ollie Moroney
Stage Crew Michael Kelly
  Willie Grace
  Heather Broad
  Carol Kennedy
Set Design Donal Bray, Kevin Walshe
Lighting Tony Brehon, Noel Stanley
Sound Donal Bray
Props Carol Kennedy
Costumes Sharon Kiely, Lisa McGeaney
Make-Up Christine Morrow O’Keeffe

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